Want to hear how Allison first went skydiving using a fake ID? Then landed into the Denver Broncos stadium over 100 times? Or how she now works in the engineering department at Performance Designs developing new canopies? 

In this episode of Highlight Conversations, Allison talks through her progression in the sport starting as a packer and chasing her ultimate desire to become a test jumper. Even after such an adventurous skydiving resume, she is “never not nervous” during demos. Allison loves watching the sport progress so fast and enjoys being part of the innovation, but explains why this is sometimes what worries her in our community.

If you are interested in high performance canopy work, here are some tips from Allison:

  1. Max out every canopy you have 
  2. On every jump, have some sort of goal (you plan your freefall right?, well then plan your canopy ride too) 
  3. Stay on a parachute and get to know it, but don’t get stuck on it. Advance your canopy only when you are out of goals. 

Allison offers advice moving forward to all…

“Don’t stand under a tree with coconuts.”

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