Amy Chmelecki shares her heart and authenticity as she speaks about her humble beginnings, her struggles with anxiety and limiting beliefs, while making her way to the top as one of the most decorated and experienced skydivers in the world during the second episode of Highlight Conversations. 

Amy may have funded her early skydiving career by working at the drop zone bar, but speaks up about making money in the sport, with a resume including over 19,000 jumps, 17 World Records, 7 National Championships, 4 World Titles, a coveted Red Bull Air Force sponsorship, and now one of the most recent inductees to the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame. 

Take a listen to learn about some of Amy’s most defining moments in skydiving such as her first team with Melissa known as “Sugar Gliderz”, getting hired by Red Bull in 2013, and then the creation of her lifelong dream: an all-female skydiving team. Did you know that the Highlight Pro Skydiving Team was born from a simple conversation about doing a demo jump? 

 Amy’s biggest advice to those looking to join a big event, “Focus on the foundation, and trust the process; it’s okay to make mistakes”. Amy has not only been a part of multiple records but has been a long-time leader and organizer for records, competitions, and events around the world. She also continuously fights for the championing of women working and competing in this sport.

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