Demonstration Jumps

Highlight is an elite all-female demonstration jump team. We fly smoke, streamers and large flags, bringing high energy and excitement to your events, attracting expanded media attention to our shared missions.

Keynote Speakers

Highlight members can also be brought in as speakers to lead dynamic presentations on skydiving, highlighting pillars of bravery, influence, teamwork and impact.


Highlight members are very experienced in high-level media appearances, sharing stories and championing the messages we are out to magnify.


Smoke Lines

Nine smoke canisters hang below as we fly our parachutes, creating massive curtains of color painting the sky. ​

Fast Smoke

Using smoke attached to our feet, we can pop a canister upon exit from the aircraft so viewers can see that exciting exit moment. We then fly our fast parachutes painting the sky in the colors of your choice. Smoke showcases the parachute’s flight path, turns and the exciting speed of the jumpers upon landing. ​



We can produce and fly flags specifically to showcase your logo or message. Depending on the size of the landing zone, we fly two different sizes of flags – large 15ft x 25ft or small 5ft x 8ft.


We fly beautiful, long colorful streamers. We have streamers in our team colors of purple, white and gold, or we can have specific colors of your choice made.

Formation Landings

We can fly multiple parachutes in formation for landing. This can be impressive for viewers, showcasing the skill required for this type of proximity flying and including smoke, streamers or flags to amplify the show.

Live Streams

Our tech team can expertly produce live, branded shows to your chosen media channels. We do this through our multi-camera, live-streaming system that has long-range wireless video transmission capabilities.

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