Satellite Team Member Application

Highlight’s goal as a team is also to grow and champion women in skydiving onto the paths that inspire them.

We stand fiercely for equity and inclusion and we invite any experienced skydiving women, who have the level of training required below and who feel they align with our mission, to apply to become a satellite team member.

Minimum Application Requirements:

  • Current USPA PRO Rating
  • Minimum 3000 jumps
  • Demo experience in the last 2 years including:
  • Work with pyrotechnics
  • Flags
  • Smoke
  • Challenging landing areas

Significant Experience In One or More of The Following Disciplines:

  • Canopy Piloting

  • Canopy Formation

  • Competitive Skydiving

  • Instruction

  • Wingsuiting

  • Video

If this is the path that inspires you in our sport and beyond, Click to complete the application.

Go team!