HIGHLIGHT started with an idea… a curiosity… and a question. Like many bigger initiatives and movements, that curiosity led to learning more, connecting and coming together. Our coming together turned into momentum built on shared and magnified inspiration.


The idea for Highlight was born learning about the tenacious and fierce women who led the women’s suffrage movement 100 years ago securing the right to vote for women in America. The idea was to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the 19th amendment in a way no one could ignore or could soon forget.


Our question.. How could we use skydiving to capture attention to magnify this message? How could we use skydiving to inspire women and girls to live bold brave lives of their own design?  


Highlight started with a simple brainstorming call with the Women’s Skydiving Network (WSN) that got us on the track of doing one big demonstration jump in Nashville on August 18th, 2020, 100 years to the day that passage of the 19th amendment came down to one vote. 


This original idea then expanded with fire and purpose to become the elite all-female skydiving demonstration team that exists today. We have nearly 200,000 jumps among us and each member on average has 20 years in the sport. 


In 2020, we will be doing jumps celebrating the 19th amendment centennial across America. In coming years, Highlight intends to magnify other messages that matter, partnering with social impact groups we align with and large-scale outdoor events looking to attract media attention for our shared missions.

Amy Chmelecki Arizona, USA

Number of Jumps: 19,000

Position: Co-Captain Highlight Pro Skydiving Team

Profession: Red Bull Air Force Team Member, Pro skydiver

Stats: 17 World Records, 7 National Championships, 4 World Titles 

Hanna Albrecht Ohio, IL

Number of Jumps: 2,000

Position: Rigging, building and jumping whatever Mel and Amy tell me to do.

Profession: Project Manager for a well drilling company, commercial grain farmer

Stats: Master Rigger, Private Pilot

Hannah Betts United Kingdom & California


Number of Jumps: 8,500

Position:  Highlight Pro Skydiving Team Member

Profession: Stuntwoman

Stats: 1 World Championship Gold,

4 National Titles, 1 World Record

Karen "LEW" Lewis Dalton California, USA


Number of Jumps: 11,000

Position: Highlight Pro Skydiving Team Member

Profession: Skydiver, Photographer, RN - BSN, Mother of 4

Stats: Stunt, World-Record, Competition and Published Photographer

Alison Reay Florida, USA

Number of Jumps: 9500

Position: Highlight Pro Skydiving Team Member

Profession: R&D Project Lead for Performance Designs, Parachute test jumper

Stats: Pro Swooper, Member of the Denver Broncos Team Thunderstorm, Solo opened 12 BASE objects

Maxine Tate USA & United Kingdom

Number of Jumps: 8,500

Position: Highlight Pro Skydiving Team Member

Profession: Professional Skydiver and Coach, Team USA Speed Skydiving Competitor

Stats: 3 World Records, 3 European Records, 3 National Championships

Melanie Curtis New Jersey, USA

Number of Jumps: 11,000

Position: Co-Captain Highlight Pro Skydiving Team

Profession: Life coach, Speaker, Author, Pro skydiver

Stats: Published Author, World Record Holder, PIA Mentorship Award

Keri Bell Washington, USA


Number of Jumps: 13,500

Position: Highlight Pro Skydiving Team Member

Profession: Skydiver, Drop Zone owner, Mother of 3

Stats: Instructor examiner, S&TA, Pilot, World-Records

Sara Curtis Canada & Arizona, USA


Number of Jumps: 14,000+

Position: Highlight Pro Skydiving Team Member

Profession: Civilian and Military Skydiving Instructor, Stunt Jumper, Event Organizer

Stats: 18 World Records, 4 World titles gold/silver, 11 National Championships gold/silver

Melissa Nelson Lowe Colorado, USA

Number of Jumps: 11,100

Position: Highlight Pro Skydiving Team Member

Profession: Skydiver, Keynote Speaker, Yoga Instructor, Author

Stats: 23 World Records, 7 National Titles in 3 Different Disciplines, 3rd Generation Skydiver 

Kaz Sheekey​ New York, USA


Number of Jumps: 10,000

Position: Highlight Pro Skydiving Team Member

Profession: Professional Skydiver, Flight-1 Canopy Coach, Photographer

Stats: CP competitor - 12 National Championships medals, Australian team for 5 CP World Championships/Cups

Andi Bongert  Illinois, USA


Number of Jumps: 600

Position: Highlight Pro Skydiving Team Rigger

Profession: Master Parachute Rigger & Licensed Massage Therapist

Stats: Parachute Industry Association-full member, black belt in judo - 2008 Olympic trials. 




Skydiving Demonstration Jumps

Highlight Pro Skydiving Team is an elite all-female demonstration jump team. We fly smoke, streamers and large flags, bringing high energy and excitement to your events, attracting expanded media attention to our shared missions. 

Keynote Speakers

Highlight Pro Skydiving Team members can also be brought in as keynote speakers to lead dynamic presentations on skydiving, highlighting pillars of bravery, influence, teamwork and impact.



Highlight is a fully funded team by our #1 champion, the Women's Skydiving Network (WSN). We only partner with missions for social good, so if you think we might be a fit for your event, please reach out through the contact sheet below.




Highlight’s goal as a team is also to grow and champion women in skydiving onto the paths that inspire them. 

We stand fiercely for equity and inclusion and we invite any experienced skydiving women, who have the level of training required below and who feel they align with our mission, to apply to become a satellite team member.

If this is the path that inspires you in our sport and beyond, Click to complete the application. Go team!

Significant experience in one or more of the following 

  • canopy piloting

  • canopy formation

  • competitive skydiving

  • instruction 

  • wingsuiting

  • video

Minimum application requirements: 

  • Current USPA PRO Rating

  • Minimum 3000 jumps

  • Demo experience in the last 2 years including: 

  • work with pyrotechnics

  • flags

  • smoke

  • challenging landing 



For press inquiries contact: Liza Dittoe

WSN@dittoepr.com  / (Urgent requests: +1.317-496-7280)



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