Recently America’s #1 Travel Radio Show, RMWorldTravel interviewed our own Amy Chmelecki. RMWorldTravel is an informative, entertaining, fast-paced, contemporary and interactive radio show that combines timely travel news, topical talk, high-profile guests, industry decision makers, audience engagement, tips/trends, honest commentary, straight-forward advice, inside scoop, fun and entertainment. 

Tune in as Amy chats with RM World Travel about some of her most amazing accomplishments yet. As the only female on the Red Bull Airforce, she discusses the brotherly love from her teammates and what the team dynamic is like. Funny story, Amy had always dreamed of skydiving ever since she was a young girl, but didn’t realize it could be a job until she made her first jump at age 18! While she made it her career, she says she is still trying to decide what she wants to be when she grows up! 

Amy also touches on Project 19 and how proud she was to be part of organizing a skydiving world record with a greater purpose. During her 28 years in the sport, she has found women skydivers so inspiring, especially those that are in a tough financial spot, are single parents, or where the odds are against them. Moral of Amy’s story: “If there is a little inkling of wanting to do something; GO AND TRY IT. You won’t regret it.”

Listen to the interview here: