Photo by Joe Lohmuller

In 2022, the midterm elections will determine who represents your state in the House of Representatives and in 35 states, the U.S. Senate. These elections can potentially swing which political party will control Congress until the next election. Since 1994, majority control of the House has flipped four different times during the midterm elections. Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump all watched from the White House while their parties lost control of the other House in Washington. The power of the midterms doesn’t end there: state and local elections will also take place during the upcoming midterm election. These elections can impact your community the most: the mayors, councilmen and women and state judges whose political decisions affect neighborhoods, towns and cities. In addition, 36 governor’s mansions are up for grabs.

These issues are the most affected by Midterm votes:

  • Abortion access
  • Climate change
  • Immigration
  • Gun Policy
  • Inflation and the Economy
  • Cannabis legislation

Some friendly reminders…

  • Register to Vote! – Make your voice heard! Register to vote today. It can sometimes take several weeks to process your voter registration. Visit your state’s election website. 
  • Double Check Your Status – Already registered? Verify your voter registration status. Be sure to update your change of address if needed.
  • Browse Voting Info By StateSelect your state to see voter information in your area including polling locations and times. Most states allow voting prior to November 8th. 
  • Preview Your Ballot – Get to know what’s on your state’s ballot in advance. 
  • Review Voter ID Requirements – Voter ID requirements can frequently change, so lookup your state’s voting rights to ensure you have what you need before you head to the polls.
  • Vote by MailRequest a mail-in ballot in advance of your election dates. Overseas and military voters should visit the Overseas Vote Foundation.
  • Make a Voting Plan – Check in with your friends to make sure they are also ready to snag a snazzy “I Voted” sticker.


Photo By Leah Levy

At Highlight Pro, our team has some very specific reason why we VOTE…

Karen Lewis Dalton: Voting means hope, hope that the process of democracy is working towards a collective higher stage of moral development.  Voting is a responsibility not to be taken for granted, but to be used wisely to fight for justice for all. 

“The vote is precious.” – John lewis 

Amy Chmelecki: It is the strategy of many powerful people, both foreign and domestic, to convince the masses that voting is useless, that there is no one “good enough” to vote for.  Propaganda and social media algorithms are used to convince us that our best option is to ignore our civic rights and to let election day pass us by without making a plan to vote. When this strategy works, other people decide for you, to their benefit, how the world around you will look. How do YOU want the world around you to look? How do YOU want to leave the world for your children? Do not be lazy.  Do not be afraid.  Use your voice, use your vote.

Maxine Tate: Many before us fought for the right of all citizens to vote, many still do. To me the opportunity to vote is not just a right, it is the duty of every citizen to participate in this democracy, no matter what its shortcomings. We the people. Women have not always had the right to vote. As we stand on the shoulders of those before us who fought for that right, we need to use our vote to protect our fundamental human rights under attack now. We have been given the tools – it’s time to use them. Freedom = Choice. It is your democratic right to choose through your vote, so step up and choose people that truly represent your core values as a human being. 

Eliana Rodriguez: By voting I am able to contribute to my country and my community and help make it a better place for all.  Voting is a precious right that gives us the ability to help shape our community and our lives.

Keri Bell: Voting for me is the chance to leave the world a better place for our children. Plant the seeds of change now so others can reap the benefits in the future. 

Melanie Curtis: Voting is the way I have a voice in the laws that govern me, and all of us. It is also the way I help change the ones that need to go.