World Health Day is celebrated on April 7th each year. It is part of a global campaign to raise awareness of a health subject determined by the World Health Organization. This year, the WHO has chosen the theme of “fairer and healthier world.”

The global pandemic of COVID-19 revealed that there is a disparity between those who have access to health care and those who do not. This year, the WHO has called upon all nation’s leaders to ensure that everyone has fair and equal access to health care.

While we are looking forward to seeing the changes made to end health inequity around the world, we also want to look back at the the year that we survived as a country because of the individuals who stood on the front lines and fought the battle against COVID-19 so that the rest of us could stay home and stay healthy.

We thank our healthcare workers who showed up from the start and still do every day to an intense and frightening work environment, putting themselves at risk so that others can receive the care they need to survive.

We thank our frontline and essential workers who kept the country running during the initial lock-downs. They kept food in the stores, watched over the safety of our communities, delivered our mail and countless other services that put the good of the country ahead of their own needs. And still do.

We also want to thank Dr Fauci, a man who was in the hot seat day after day, providing critical scientific data and directives that has kept the country informed.

Highlight is celebrating World Health Day by saying THANK YOU to all these individuals!