Skydiving Demonstration Jumps

Highlight Pro Skydiving Team is an elite all-female demonstration jump team. We fly smoke, streamers and large flags, bringing high energy and excitement to your events, attracting expanded media attention to our shared missions. 

Keynote Speakers

Highlight Pro Skydiving Team members can also be brought in as keynote speakers to lead dynamic presentations on skydiving, highlighting pillars of bravery, influence, teamwork and impact.



Highlight is a fully funded team by our #1 champion, the Women's Skydiving Network (WSN). We only partner with missions for social good, so if you think we might be a fit for your event, please reach out through our contact sheet.


Smoke Lines

Dropdown smoke is a beautiful way to emphasize the turns and sashays of the Highlight Team's parachutes. The system involves 9 smoke canisters suspended down below the canopy about twenty feet.  

Smoke Jumps

The Highlight team is able to attach smoke to their feet. This smoke can be deployed as soon as they leave the aircraft. This emphasizes their free-fall and makes them visible from the ground.

Fast Smoke

Rather than the slow and gradual decent of the parachute with a large smoke line, the Highlight team can also fly their smaller and faster parachutes with smoke that accentuates the speed and accuracy of their high performance landings. 


Flags and banners boldly trail behind the Highlight women as they fly their parachutes in sync. These jumps are a distinctive way to send a message across the sky.

Flag Sizes Vary, From the largest (XXX) to smaller banners (XXX). 

Streamers are much like a flag in that they trail behind the parachutes. The streamers used by the Highlight Team are (XXXX) in size and flown in dramatic patterns synchronously. 


While flying their parachutes, the Highlight team is capable of creating configurations that are visible from the ground. Formations such as: Stacks, Diamonds and Side by Sides. The team can even land connected in two at a time arrangement. Formations can also be combined with smoke, flags and banners. 

Live Streams

The Highlight team has the ability to work with composite, digital or fiber connectivity, to provide LIVE Air to Ground video. 
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