How many skydivers are women? The latest study of the United States Parachute association revealed that only 13% of their members are women. The percentage of women instructors working in the sport is an even lower rate of 4%.

Professional skydiver Christy Frikken says, “I believe if we provide more paths for women to be successful in the sport it will create more instructors, teachers, leaders, organizers, and competitors. Providing more role models will help make skydiving an environment that is welcoming and respectful to all women skydivers.” Fellow professional skydiver, Janette Lefkowitz shares this belief and together they formed the Women’s Skydiving Network in 2016.

The WSN has the primary goal of being an inclusive movement for female skydivers (and future female skydivers!) to connect, inspire and champion each other and live bright, brave lives growing our presence and participation in skydiving and beyond. They achieve this by supporting initiatives like Project 19, Highlight Pro Skydiving team and connecting women in and out of skydiving with mentorship and community. These experiences help women grow in the sport and inspires some to seek professional skydiver status. Every member of Highlight is a member of the WSN. Each woman on the team has dedicated years to the sport and achieved PRO rated status. The team shares the common goal with the WSN to inspire women to be bold and brave, promoting equality in and out of skydiving.

To learn more about the WSN, see their website
or social media pages on Instagram and Facebook: @WomensSkydivingNetwork