AngelCity FC X Highlight 

A football club dedicated to more than just the game, Angel City FC is inspiring change and promoting women on and off the pitch. 

Highlight Pro Skydiving Team is dedicated to inspiring women and girls to live bold, brave lives of their own design, and Angel City FC is supporting the essential needs of families, equity, and education of kids and adults in need of more support. Two powerhouse teams of women, driven and focused on making a difference in the ways that they can. Both pursuing their passions to the fullest and using their sport as a medium to amplify messages that matter the most. 

Together on May 29th, the two all-women teams dominating land & air came together to champion women and equality, show off their skills, and inspire the over 18K fans watching live, and 33K checking in on Highlight’s Instagram, to live as their authentic selves, and go after their dreams.

Life is about more than just football or skydiving to ACFC and Highlight. It’s about making the world better for those who need to be supported, uplifted, and inspired.

ACFC True to Fairness Ideals

Not only does ACFC advocate for equity and fairness in sport and life using their platform and influence, they put their money in it too. An anomaly in professional sports, ACFC puts 1% of ticket sales directly into the pockets of its players. For the Highlight game, that was 18,784 tickets total. Compensation for women athletes in professional sports has long lagged behind men-athletes’ income (by a lot!). Initiatives like the 1% rule are a major step in closing the gap between earnings for clubs and earnings of the athletes that make them great.

ACFC Making a difference 

Through the Angel City Sponsorship Model, 10% of every sponsorship dollar goes directly into community programs, such as funding women entrepreneurs, delivering meals and groceries, training coaches, and coaching youth players. Programs like these support not only the people in the community, but foster an environment for those individuals to reach for their dreams, to help them live a bold brave life in their own way.

Highlight is honored to have been able to join ACFC for this demo and continues to support them as they rally to win, inspire and grow, on and off the pitch.